September, 9th 2019 : Carmen, Hampton and Maxence RUCKLI proudly announce the launch of:

A new French toilet paper brand that saves trees and plants forests.

  • Mima incorporates the new way of responsible consuming and the strategic crossroads of sustainability, premium design and consumer-driven philanthropy at its core.
  • Mima aspires to be the most impactful toilet paper brand on the European market. 
  • Mima is developed independently of any external capital investors and is proudly family-owned.

        Mima is born from the ambition of three impact-driven entrepreneurs to see the 70-year old toilet paper industry develop in a more responsible and more environmentally-friendly way. Mima aims to transform a conventional industry, still responsible for 15% of global annual deforestation, into a leading global market that path the way to a more sustainable way of manufacturing everyday products.

        Mima is essentially focusing on renewable and fast-growing bamboo as a core material for manufacturing. The humble grass is known to be the green steel of the 21st century by many visionary architects and has countless applications e.g. being a perfect alternative to freshly-cut trees when it comes to toilet paper production as it helps is saving a heck of a lot of trees, water and energy in the process. Focusing on this new material will stimulate innovation and diversification in the whole industry and will appropriately answer the ecological transition that is already happening worldwide.

        Mima is also, structurally speaking, a profit-for-impact business which makes it a hybrid version of a company and an institutional NGO. Mima donates 50% of its profits every year to plant trees through a partnership with WeForest. Mima shares the vision of slowing down deforestation, regenerating healthy forests while empowering local communities to take part to this movement. 

        Forests are essential to our future, that’s a fact. They represent one of the largest, most cost-effective climate solutions available today. The world needs to stop deforesting and restore the equivalent of an area the size of India by 2030 (350 m ha) if we want a chance to lower carbon emissions and stay under the 1.5°c temperature increase announced in the GIEC report in 2018.

        Mima aims to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2025 through its consumer-driven philanthropy model and with the precious help of its community, WeForest and the 1000+ small-scale farmers involved in the Luansha, Zambia project. 

        Mima is now open for single-time purchases and subscriptions. The stockist list will soon be available on our website. Please reach out to for any inquiries.

        Press contact: 

        Maxence RUCKLI. Co-Founder.

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