Everything that happens behind the scenes is essentially about making impact part of our daily lives through a generous, respectful and unifying experience.

Family tree. 

Mima was the nickname of our lovely, soft-hearted and caring grandmother. We immediately thought of her when we launched this feel-good company. 

Pretty sure she's turning over in her grave knowing that she has reincarnated into toilet paper but, hey, we think about her every day now.

We also believe that the family bound we're sharing will give us the energy to reach our goal: 1,000,000 trees planted by 2025. With you. 

Here's our impact team!  Maxence, Carmen and Hampton. 

Reconnecting with nature.

Technology, social media and the insatiable need to share about every little detail of our day have been making our lives a bit fuzzy over the past few years. We are all spending way too much time on our screens and our kids can’t seem to be able to name more than 10 vegetables anymore when going to a local market.
We sometimes tend to forget that nature is where we belong and there’s not better way than taking a walk in the woods to realize it, right?

Spending time outdoors gives the experience of wonder. It helps us grasp the natural beauty that surrounds us, makes us realize what the everyday products we buy are made of and inspires respect for these precious resources.

We believe in a hopeful, inspirational world where innovating with underrated fibers like bamboo or hemp raises people’s awareness. We see a chance to design impactful products that makes us feel good whenever nature calls.