We’re all about selecting fast-renewable resources, designing smart packaging and delivering cool products, right to your door.

Challenge the statu quo.  

Everyday products should naturally be the most sustainable ones, right? Well, toilet paper has been around since the 50s and yet, still wipes out 10 million trees per year. Selecting the right resource was the cornerstone of this exciting project and we now do our best to be as responsible as possible, from product development to manufacturing processes and packaging design.

Slow down deforestation linked to ordinary toilet paper. 

Big multinationals are literally flushing down forests from Latin America and Scandinavia, the same ones that are so essential for protecting our endangered biodiversity and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We won't brag about the fact that our FSC® bamboo comes from the Sichuan Province and has an undeniable carbon footprint but its fiber is definitely more adapted to toilet paper production than trees. Here’s why!

Better for the forests and for your cheeks

That’s why we make premium toilet paper out of naturally renewable and fast-growing FSC® bamboo. It’s an amazing grass that requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers and helps us save a heck of a lot of trees, water and energy in the process.

Say goodbye to all the nasties too: no inks, dyes or fake lavender scents in our toilet paper. We only use a little bit of chlorine dioxide to whiten it but it’s a whole lot better than using its traditional cousin, bleach. 

Plastic-free, recyclable and compostable packaging.

All our rolls are individually wrapped in colourful and plastic-free wrappers to keep them hygienic and moisture-free. We deliver everything in a recycled, recyclable and compostable box and make sure plastic stays away from our oceans. Oh, and you can even use core tubes as seedling starters.